An Appeal to all members

AIGETOATN appeals every member to kindly contribute magnanimously to AIGETOATN account to strengthen the financial position of AIGETOA
Account Detail:
Name of account : AIGETOA
Account NO : 30742253171
Bank : State Bank of India
Branch: ADB
Kamarajar Saalai,
Brindavanam Pondicherry-605013
IFSC code : SBIN0001613 (used for RTGS and NEFT transactions)
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MICR Code : 605002004


>> 07 February 2014

We are glad to announce the good efforts by our leaders for bringing laurels to our beloved company BSNL.  Shri Adi Govind  KAM  Chennai  Telephones along with Shri Mahesh  SDE ( IT) Chennai  Telephones under the guidance from our Leader Shri Shilohu Rao obtained an appreciation letter for BSNL from the Principal Secretary to Government and Chief Electoral Officer for the exceptional service delivery  by BSNL in the recently concluded by-election in Tamilnadu. 

The EB Cell of Chennai Telephones has provided home grown SMS based software solutions which enabled the accurate and prompt information during the electioneering process as a result  the CEO and Principal Secretary to Government has written a letter to Director EB to replicate such efforts throughout country.  Considering this positive feedback about BSNL from such senior level officer from government our corporate office has instructed CGM's  in every telecom circle to contact  CEO of the every State Elections Commission to provide comprehensive telecom solutions for the upcoming General Elections resulting several cores of rupees business orders to be placed with BSNL.  Click here for the CEO letter.

The recent trend of illegal CHQ body calling several agitations in the name of cadre and emotional blackmail has lowered the image of the DR community at large in the general public; we are thankful to Our Leaders are leading us by an example setting a trend to bring our beloved BSNL to its pinnacle in the telecom sector; this reveal that our professional education must serve for the betterment of our beloved company being an Direct Recruit we are bound to live by an example. 

Let us join hand to appreciate our leaders for their future endeavors to bring glory to our beloved BSNL.


Due to opposition of majority members in TN Circle Opposing illegal AGM - BSNL Admin Cancels the E Learning Hall.

>> 26 January 2014

Members are informed that Mr Senthil Kumar J. Sec (S) from Chennai Circle is involved in the negative publicity; the official allotment of the e-learning hall, Trichy BSNL Office has been cancelled due to the opposition of majority of members in TN. The BSNL administration has now withdrawn the facility to conduct the meeting hiding this bitter truth Mr Senthil Kumar J. Sec (S) from Chennai Circle claimed due to overwhelming response venue was changed. 

So far we were not inclined to put any hurdles in the affairs of the illegal CHQ body; now an attempt to create the pandemonium in the TN circle with vested interest of power mongers will definitely lead to the catastrophic circumstances which will have irreversible consequences in future functioning of the association. We remained salient not because of weakness but to display maturity and play constructive role. Now we are ready to any battle, time has come to teach these simpletons a lesson.


High Alert ! No Conference or meeting on 26/01/2014

>> 25 January 2014



Dear Members,

"NO CONFERENCE or Meeting or any form of gathering is organised on behalf of OFFICIAL BODY of AIGETOA Tamilnadu Circle on 26/01/2014. Members are requested not to fall prey for any form of false propaganda."

If at all, any meeting is conducted in future, we will get proper official permission from the management and inform the members through this website.




Addendum to "Statutory Caution to Members":

>> 13 January 2014

The recent post titled “Statutory Caution to Members” received well among the members; now "AAM Member" is realizing the corrupt practices of the Illegal body and their blind leadership.  The following few names left on previous posting who are beneficiaries of association efforts on their posting in LDCE Promotions held in the year 2008-09 is added for your kind information.

Mr. AMIT ROY AGS (HQ) originally posted as SDE on his promotion to J&K; but due to the efforts of the association he is currently retained in BSNL CO as ‘Deputy Manager’. The same person who assured the current LDCE qualified in AP for their full retention but after the ill timed strike refused the proposition stating that AIGETOA is against such favorable postings and transfers, now his hypocrisy is exposed if any person who seeks such tall claims and shouts of being righteousness believe in ethics he should immediately take transfer to J&K without preaching to the poor “AAM Members

Another Notable Person is Mr. ASHOK Y SHIGLI CP KTK Circle, he is appointed as JTO in WB circle on his promotion as SDE under Last LDCE he too was posted as SDE in North East; he is retained in Karnataka Circle due to the association pressure, today he seems echoing the same tone of the Illegal CHQ body against the LDCE postings but failed to extend generous benefit he received to “AAM Members” of his circle.

Please understand hypocrisy & duality of so called leaders if it matter to  "KHAS Members” who are close to the so called messiah; their issues are being secretly pursued and ideology of the association is twisted to favor them. But for "AAM Members" the rules applicable is different.

The information in this addendum is completely verifiable with BSNL CO. Please file an RTI with BSNL CO in this regard to know full truth.


Statutory Caution to Members:

>> 04 January 2014

The Illegal Body announced another drama; the so called “Hunger Strike” in support of post 2007 batch pay scale; we are doubtful about their integrity  regarding timing of such protest is it really  intended to resolve the issues or protect  MP Circle friends of  so called “Messiah”.
Friends one has to introspect the timings of such agitations; some of the office bearers like Mr. Sunil Gupta CS MP and Mr. Pavan Akhad [CP MP and AGS] on their promotions posted as SDE in Chhattisgarh  and Gujarat circles respectively but due to the august agitation both of them are retained temporarily in MP Circle until 31.03.2014 out of the rules. No office bearers in any association are entitled for transfer immunity on promotions under the prevailing rules of BSNL . When the AP LDCE qualified candidates demanded the similar benefits  to them they are told to join where ever they are posted asserting that AIGETOA does not pursue any transfer and postings since its against the philosophy of AIGETOA by seeking favorable posting and transfers from management. Even the so called “Messiah” asked AP members to quit AIGETOA when they confronted him; the spineless AP Circle body leadership at the helm of affairs stood as on lookers to aiming at CHQ posts ignoring the basic needs of their members.
We are very much doubtful whether this so called agitation is for the welfare of the affected “AAM MEMBERS” or influential “KHAS MEMBERS”.
Those who are buying such agitation ideas please be aware of these facts as its termed legally as “Caveat Emptor”. This message issued in the public interest for their kind information and consideration please.


Happy Newyear 2014

>> 01 January 2014



>> 16 December 2013

This message is connection with queries receiving with regard to the information floated in the CHQ website about the TN body of the AIGETOA . The Clarification is as follows:

1.    The so called newly elected CHQ body is not legally competent to pass any resolutions without the concurrence of the Registrar of Society & Firms, Riwari, Haryana.

2.    In other words the AGM conducted in jaipur is against the law and also the elected CHQ body has no legal sanctity to pass any resolutions with regard to the functioning of the society. The Registrar of Society & Firms, Riwari, Haryana has not endorsed the Governing council of AIGETOA.

As a matter of fact until today the BSNL Management did not received any communication from the Registrar of Society & Firms, Riwari, Haryana endorsing the Governing council of AIGETOA. And also the so called newly elected GS has no legal authority to issue any such communications in the website,  its clear that  AIGETOA TN never accepted Mr. Ravishil Verma as our leader or GS, we are seriously considering the legal options to prosecute the offenders  who floated messages under IT act.

4.    It very disgusting to learn that another new association is being floated and getting amalgamated with AIGETOA, We wish to ask the simpletons of so called CHQ why this is being done? If any of you wanted to know the exact reasons we suggest you to file RTI  with Registrar of Society to know complete truth. We request the members do not get fooled by the these incompetent self proclaimed leaders messages and assurances.

The members are requested to introspect what is the outcome of the august agitation, by issuance of simple minutes of the meeting by the DGM (SR) the agitation was called off. The purpose of such agitation is only a political drama and election campaign at the cost of the poor members especially the post 2007 recruited GE’s. The economic loss to the members who participated is in tune of Rs 30000 to 40000/- Over all nearly about 4 to 5 cores. It is disgusting to mention that none of the top leaders who lead the agitation lost their salary it’s only the poor member whose salary was deducted. In case of AP members their  loss is double they not only lost salary but promotion too most of the members in AP assured that they will get the retention by participating in the agitation, post agitation it is informed to them to leave AIGETOA by the so called top leader.  Over all the members of the TN are saved by the rational decision taken by our leaders to focus on LDCE postings. 

6.    The agitation was ill timed and also politically motivated, 4 months time already passed no resolution of any of the issues, now another drama to cover up incapability of the so called leaders.
7.      Another tragedy is  allowance of the DGM exam all the top leaders in CHQ including the self proclaimed messiah appeared without fail we have the data to display to all. One of the AGS of the so called newly elected CHQ; who actively participated in the agitation and opposed DGM/MT recruitments took 25 days leave to prepare for the DGM exam. It shows how we are fooled by the dual stance of such persons. Our movement is going towards the career destroying not development.

Now another Grand Finale is to be announced, We wish to know how many finals are yet to come; Members we wish to inform you that ours is service association not a political movements. If someone tries to hijack the frustration of the cadre into their whims and fancies being educated members need to introspect and oppose by tooth and nail not fall as victims if some of you still fall its termed as " Stockholm syndrome". Please visit following link to understand your psychological condition to avoid the foolish steps.

9.    Its intimated that we will be continued to function until we achieve our objectives of the cadre, if so called CHQ willing to fight us out legally we are ready to face this challenge to any extent .


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